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    中国石化新闻网讯 据普氏能源咨询网3月4日伦敦报道,消息人士称,利比亚石油产量出现暴跌,因该国最大的沙拉拉油田和位居其次的Hamada 油田于周日因明显的管道堵塞而双双关闭。

    这一消息表明利比亚的石油产量从2月中旬的水平暴跌了近40%,就在此前一周,由于当地部落和警卫的抗议,日产90000桶的Elephant与El Feel油田也关闭了。





    蔡小全 编译自 普氏能源咨询网


    Libyan oil output plunges on Sharara, Hamada field closures

    Libyan oil production has plummeted sharply as the country's largest oil field Sharara and the nearby Hamada field both shut down Sunday due to an apparent pipeline blockage, sources said.

    This news means that Libyan oil production has plunged by almost 40% from mid February levels as just over a week ago the 90,000 b/d Elephant or El Feel field also shut due to protests by local tribes and guards.

    These recent events show how fragile Libya's oil sector still is to supply disruptions, and unless there are marked improvements in security and access to finance, the country's output outlook situation is not expected to change.

    Libyan production was averaging just over a 1 million b/d until late February but it has fallen by almost 380,000 b/d in the past week, sources added.

    A spokesman at state-owned National Oil Corporation confirmed that the 12,500 b/d Hamada field was temporarily shut down due to an "apparent pipeline blockage."

    Crude from Sharara, El-Feel and Hamada is pumped through the same pipeline into the 120,000 b/d Zawiya refinery and the Zawiya export terminal.