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    中国石化新闻网讯 据路透社6月12日德克萨斯欧文市报道,埃克森美孚开始在其近海圭亚那近海的Liza第一阶段进行开发钻井。




    Liza第一阶段涉及将一艘油轮改装成一艘名为Liza Destiny的浮式、生产、储存和卸载(FPSO)船,以及4个海底钻井中心和17个生产井。

    蔡小全 编译自 路透社


    ExxonMobil commences development drilling offshore Guyana

    ExxonMobil commenced drilling on its Liza Phase 1 development offshore Guyana.

    Drilling operations began in May on the first of 17 wells planned for Phase 1, laying the foundation for production startup in 2020.

    The company and its co-venturers have so far discovered estimated recoverable resources of more than 3.2 Bboe on the Stabroek Block.

    Liza Phase 1 is expected to generate over $7 billion in royalty and profit oil revenues for Guyana over the life of the project.

    Liza Phase 1 involves the conversion of an oil tanker into a floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel named Liza Destiny, along with four undersea drill centers with 17 production wells.