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    中国石化新闻网讯 据路透社新加坡3月20日消息,台湾台塑石化公司一位新闻发言人周二表示,公司预计将在未来7-10天内重启70万吨/年的石脑油裂解装置,此前该装置在周一未能按计划恢复正常操作。




    庞晓华 摘译自 路透社


    Formosa Petrochemical expects naphtha cracker to restart in 7-10 days

    Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemical Corp is expected to restart a 700 Mtpy naphtha cracker in about 7 to 10 days after the unit failed to resume normal operation on Monday as intended, a company spokesman said on Tuesday.

    The unit was idled unexpectedly early Monday due to minor glitches and was to restart later in the same day.

    But the sudden shutdown has affected some of its structure and prevented Formosa from restarting the unit as planned, the spokesman said.

    Formosa, Asia's top naphtha importer, has two other larger crackers which have a combined capacity of 2.23 MMtpy, both of which are operating normally.