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    中国石化新闻网讯 据《世界石油》3月2日吕萨克报道,挪威阿克尔英国石油公司(阿克尔BP)即将完成位于北海靠近Alvheim地区的弗罗斯克勘探井24/9-12井的钻井作业。此井已证实拥有石油。





    李峻 编译自 世界石油


    Aker BP strikes oil near Alvheim in the North Sea

    Aker BP is about to complete drilling of the Frosk exploration well 24/9-12 located near Alvheim in the North Sea. The well has proved oil. Preliminary analysis indicate a discovery size of 30-60 MMboe, which is significantly more than the company’s pre-drill estimates of 3-21 MMboe. The discovery also has a positive impact on the assessment of further exploration potential in the area.

    Frosk is located in PL340, which also contains the B?yla field. B?yla has been producing oil since 2015 through a subseainstallation tied back to the Alvheim FPSO.

    “The Frosk discovery adds significant volume and value to our resource base, and provides an ideal basis for another profitable expansion project which will secure optimal utilization of the infrastructure in the Alvheim area for many years,” says Gro G. Haatvedt, senior V.P. of exploration at Aker BP..

    The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will issue a more detailed press release when the evaluation of the discovery has been completed. Aker BP is the operator of PL340 with a 65% working interest. The partners are Point Resources with 20% and Lundin Petroleum with 15%.