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    中国石化新闻网讯 据世界石油网站2018年7月24日伦敦报道,SDX能源公司是一家专注于北非的石油和天然气的公司,该公司已宣布在其埃及South Disouq租界的的SD-3X油井发现了天然气(SDX 拥有55%的工作权益和运营权)。

    SD-3X井钻探总深度为7,842英尺,在阿布曼迪(Abu Madi)和Kafr el Sheik层上遇到32.6英尺的常规天然气净采收率,采收率为21.7%。

    SD-3X井作为阿布曼迪(Abu Madi)层上的生产者即将竣工,然后在钻井平台离开位置后进行测试。为了优化SD-3X油井的潜在采收率,阿布曼迪(Abu Madi)层将在重新进入油井之前竣工并投入生产,以完成并生产Kafr el Sheik层。阿布曼迪(Abu Madi)测试预计将在钻机离开后30至45天内开始但具体还要取决于测试设备的可用性。假设在阿布曼迪(Abu Madi)进行了一次成功的测试,预计该井将连接到原始SD-1X油田附近的基础设施,该发现预计将于2018年第四季度末投产。

    王嘉 摘译自 世界石油


    SDX Energy reports gas discovery at SD-3X, in Egypt's South Disouq

    SDX Energy Inc., the North Africa focused oil and gas company, has announced that a gas discovery has been made at its SD-3X well in the South Disouq Concession, Egypt (SDX 55% working interest and operator).

    The SD-3X well was drilled to a total depth of 7,842 ft and encountered 32.6 ft of net conventional natural gas pay in the Abu Madi and Kafr el Sheik horizons, with an average porosity in the pay sections of 21.7%.

    The SD-3X well will now be completed as a producer in the Abu Madi horizon and then tested after the drilling rig has moved off location. In order to optimize the potential recovery from the SD-3X well, the Abu Madi horizon will be completed and produced initially before re-entering the well to complete and produce the Kafr el Sheik horizon. The Abu Madi testing is anticipated to commence between 30 and 45 days after the rig departs, depending on the availability of testing equipment. Assuming a successful test in the Abu Madi, it is anticipated that the well will be connected to the infrastructure located adjacent to the original SD-1X discovery, where production start-up is anticipated in late fourth-quarter 2018.