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    中国石化新闻网讯 据安迅思新闻休斯敦3月20日消息,美国现货乙烯价格已经跌至过去九年来的最低水平,主要是因为产量方面受新建裂解装置陆续投产的刺激而继续增加,而需求方面受到下游装置非计划停工影响而减少。


    庞晓华 摘译自 安迅思新闻


    US ethylene spot prices fall to nine-year low

    US spot ethylene fell to its lowest point in nine years as production continues to be bolstered by new crackers and demand is hampered by downstream outages.

    Front-month March ethylene traded at 16.25 cents/lb ($358/tonne) on Tuesday, the lowest level since the week ended 12 December 2008. During that time, the US economy was contracting amid the Great Recession caused by a financial crisis.