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    中国石化新闻网讯 据路透社2月6日休斯敦报道,美国能源信息署(EIA)周二在其最新一期短期能源展望报告中说,美国今年的干天然气日产量预计将从2017年的735.7亿立方英尺增加到纪录高位的803亿立方英尺。



    李峻 编译自 路透社


    US Natgas Output, Demand Seen Rising to Record Highs in 2018

    U.S. dry natural gas production was forecast to rise to an all-time high of 80.30 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) in 2018 from 73.57 bcfd in 2017, according to the Energy Information Administration's Short Term Energy Outlook (STEO) on Tuesday.

    The latest February output projection for 2018 was down from the EIA's 80.42-bcfd forecast in January but would easily top the current annual record high of 74.15 bcfd produced on average in 2015.

    EIA also projected U.S. gas consumption would rise to an all-time high of 77.44 bcfd in 2018 from 74.29 bcfd in 2017.