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    中国石化新闻网讯 据安迅思新闻新加坡3月12日消息,受中国市场需求放缓和原料成本下跌的双重影响,亚洲ABS树脂价格面临下行压力。安迅思数据显示,3月9日亚洲ABS树脂现货价格下跌至2035美元/吨(CFR东北亚),较前一周下跌了45美元/吨。安迅思数据显示,当前的价格已经比3月2日创下的2018年峰值水平2080美元/吨下跌了近3%。市场人士称,供应充足和原料苯乙烯单体(SM)价格下降打压了中国购买情绪,并促使买家犹豫不决。一家生产商表示:“原料SM价格下跌影响了购买情绪,并促使生产商们下调报价。”

    安迅思数据显示,3月9日苯乙烯现货价格下跌了65美元/吨降至 1365美元/吨(CFR东北亚)。 进口货物抵达香港市场也加剧了亚洲ABS市场价格下行压力。终端用户库存水平较高,因为1月份和2月份订购的ABS货物上周抵达香港,从而抑制了进一步购买现货的需求。


    张春晓摘译自 安迅思新闻


    Asia ABS faces downward pressure from weak demand, falling SM

    Asia's acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) prices are facing downward pressure from slowing demand in the key China market and amid falling feedstock costs.

    On 9 March, spot ABS prices fell to $2,035/tonne CFR (cost & freight) northeast (NE) Asia, down by $45/tonne from the previous week, ICIS data showed.

    Prices have declined by 3% from the 2018 peak of $2,080/tonne CFR NE Asia on 2 March, according to ICIS data.

    Ample supply and falling costs of feedstock styrene monomer (SM) have weighed on Chinese buying sentiment and prompted buyers to hold back their purchases, market sources said.

    “The feedstock SM price had fallen and impacted on buying sentiment, and prompted producers to lower their offers,” a producer said.

    Spot SM prices fell by $65/tonne to $1,365/tonne CFR NE Asia on 9 March, ICIS data showed.

    Import arrivals in Hong Kong added to the downward price pressure on the ABS market.

    Stock levels of end-users were high, as material booked in January and February arrived in Hong Kong last week, curbing spot appetite for further fresh purchases.

    Chinese demand post-Lunar New Year has been weaker than expected, with market players uncertain about when an uptake would take place.