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    中国石化新闻网讯 据 《世界石油》 2月8日米兰报道,意大利埃尼公司部署在塞浦路斯海上第6号区块的Calypso 1 NFW井日前获得了一个贫气发现。(译者注:天然气根据成分不同分为贫气和富气,贫气中甲烷含量多,富气中乙烷丙烷丁烷含量高)

    发现井Calypso 1 NFW井位于水深2074米的海域,完钻时总深度达到了3827米。此井在钻进过程中在中新世纪和白垩纪时代岩石中钻遇了延伸的气柱。白垩纪层序具有良好的储层特性。

    埃尼公司对发现井进行了密集和详细的数据采集(液体和岩石样本)。Calypso 1 NFW井是一个有前途的发现并证实“像埃及祖尔大气田一样的”远景区在塞浦路斯专属经济区(EEZ)内的延伸。埃尼公司将进行额外研究来评估地下天然气储量的范围并确定进一步勘探和评价作业。


    李峻 编译自 世界石油


    Eni reports "Zohr like" discovery offshore Cyprus

    Eni has made a lean gas discovery in Block 6, offshore Cyprus with Calypso 1 NFW. The well, which was drilled in 2,074 m of water depth reaching a final TD of 3,827 m, encountered an extended gas column in rocks of Miocene and Cretaceous age. The Cretaceous sequence has excellent reservoir characteristics.

    An intensive and detailed data collection (fluids and rock samples) has been executed on the well. Calypso 1 is a promising gas discovery and confirms the extension of the “Zohr like” play in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Additional studies will be carried out to assess the range of the gas volumes in place and define further exploration and appraisal operations.

    Eni is the Operator of Block 6 with 50% of participation interest, while Total is partner with the remaining 50%.