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    中国石化新闻网讯 据路透社7月24日纽约/伦敦报道,市场消息人士和汤森路透航运数据显示,在6月份当油价接近6年低点时大肆抢购原油货物以后,美国炼油企业7月份将从里海地区进口创纪录的月度原油数量。




    李峻 编译自 路透社


    U.S. refiners boost purchases of CPC Blend to record as prices drop

    U.S. refiners will import a record monthly volume of crude from the Caspian region in July after snapping up the cargoes when prices reached near six-year lows, according to market sources and Thomson Reuters shipping data.

    The unusually large volume of crude is one of many changes in the international oil trade caused by a flood of U.S. shale oil headed overseas.

    Record exports of crude from the United States to Europe and Asia have pushed down the price of comparable oil, such as the crude produced near the Caspian in Kazakhstan and Russia. That oil is pumped through the CPC pipeline and loaded in the Mediterranean.

    U.S. East Coast refiners, which rely on crude imports, have bought most of the 3.7 million barrels of CPC crude that will reach the United States in July, according to the Thomson Reuters data.