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    中国石化新闻网讯 据WENews.com网站3月20日伦敦报道,在中国政府把生物燃料添加到该国燃料供应中的最后期限2020年前,中国最大的独立炼油企业时下正在购买乙醇,而另外两家独立炼油企业时下正在寻求政府批准他们把生物燃料混合到他们的汽油中。






    李峻 编译自 WENews.com


    China's Independent Refiners Gear up for Ethanol Push

    China's top independent oil refiner is buying ethanol and two others are seeking government approval to blend the biofuel into their gasoline ahead of the country's 2020 deadline to add it to the nation's fuel supply, several sources told Reuters.

    China mandated last September that gasoline supplies should contain 10 percent ethanol, an alcohol typically produced from corn, in a blend known as E10. The push by the private refiners is the first sign of preparations to prepare for the roll-out of the new standard in the world's biggest automotive market.

    The country's top independent refiner Dongming Petrochemical Group, based in Heze in the eastern province of Shandong, has received permits from the Ministry of Commerce to begin E10 blending, said three company sources familiar with the matter.

    Shandong Wonfull Petrochemical Group, based in the city of Zibo in Shandong province, have applied to the Commerce Ministry for a license to blend ethanol into their fuel for sale to gasoline stations or on the wholesale market, said two sources at the company familiar with the matter.

    Henan Fengli Petrochemical Co, a refiner based in Puyang in Henan province, has also applied with the ministry for a blending permit, said a source based with company.

    It is not clear when the two companies will receive their approvals.