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    中国石化新闻网讯 据美国彭博新闻社3月8日伦敦报道,沙特阿拉伯能源大臣哈立德·法利赫8日在伦敦接受媒体记者采访时暗示,沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(沙特阿美)的首次公开募股(IPO)可能会推迟到2019年。




    李峻 编译自 美国彭博新闻社


    Saudi oil minister says Aramco IPO could be delayed to 2019

    Saudi Arabia’s energy minister hinted the initial public offering of the state oil company Aramco could be delayed until 2019.

    Khalid Al-Falih also said the IPO, potentially the largest ever, would be “anchored” by a listing on Saudi Arabia’s local exchange and any international listing would be announced in due course, if at all.

    “Between December 31st and January 1st there is no value lost for the kingdom,” Al-Falih said in an interview in London. “So, I don’t see this artificial deadline that you refer to as being significant.”

    Until recently, Saudi officials insisted the IPO was “on track, on time” for 2018, but two months into the year that deadline is looking harder to meet. Still, Al-Falih, who also serves as Aramco’s chairman, insisted the company had made all the necessary preparations for a share sale of the world’s largest oil producer.