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    中国石化新闻网讯 据安迅思新闻新加坡2月8日消息,在全球聚丙烯(PP)现货供应紧张的形势下,东南亚市场PP现货价格创下过去30个月以来的新高。


    据安迅思数据显示,中国进口市场的强劲帮助支撑了东南亚市场PP现货价格, 2月2日东南亚市场所有来源的扁丝级PP现货平均价格达到1270美元/吨(CFR东南亚),创下自2015年中期以来的最高水平。


    张春晓 摘译自 安迅思新闻


    SE Asia PP prices at 30-month high amid tight global supply

    Southeast Asia’s polypropylene (PP) spot prices are at a 30-month high amid tight global spot supply of the material.

    Spot numbers have been firming over the course of December and January on the back of healthy restocking activity in China ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays in mid-February.

    A bullish import market in China helped to provide support to spot prices in southeast Asia, with all-origins spot PP flat yarn grade prices on 2 February assessed at an average of $1,270/tonne CFR (cost & freight) SE (southeast) Asia, the highest level since mid-2015, according to ICIS data.

    The Vietnamese market saw some of the steepest gains in the ASEAN region, having little domestic PP production capacities and being mostly reliant on imports. Spot prices of flat yarn grade in Vietnam were at an average of $1,255/tonne CFR Vietnam on 2 February.